New MacOS Update

Good morning from this side of the world,

I just received an update for MacOS and here are my findings.

  1. Calendar issue:
    I can not scroll up and see my previous rides on my plan. It only shows the current day. This has been reported to support. I haven’t received any response yet.

  2. Inconsistency’s between MacOS App and Online App:
    I had a workout on 2nd October but I skipped it and completed yesterday. On MacOS I can not see that ride on calendar(Completed one) but I can see the skipped one. I tried to assign it to skipped one but I could not find a button to assign it.

  3. Issue on Online Calendar Side:
    Online calendar grey outs the skipped workout. No way to assign ride. I had to delete it and drag and drop. This creates confusion

Another thing, which is not a issue but an idea, why do we have vertical calendar but not horizontal like the online one? This way we should be able to see all our workouts same as online or just like TP. If you need to analyze or need more info, click on it and see the details.


@Thebigred There are a couple of sizable threads already on the Calendar features and how it relates to Mac. Just checking, have you read these yet?

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Thanks for the info.

I thought this update was MVP update. I don’t mind working like this. I just wanted to highlight :slight_smile:

@Thebigred Sure, just wanted to check you’d caught up on those threads first. Looking at your direct concerns:

Have you loaded up your current plan into the Calendar? This should load up all the rides that are in your plan (past and future dates) and then map your completed rides against the scheduled plan rides. If you haven’t done this, that’s the first step. If you are having problems doing it, just released today is a more comprehensive help section Calendar Updates: Copy Week, Collapse Training Stress Graph, Help Box. If you’re still having trouble, I’d shoot a note to

The easiest place to make edits to the Calendar is the online version, so I would recommend trying to do this there. You should be able to drag the planned workout (from Oct 2) onto yesterdays date. This should auto-associate the completed workout with the planned one, if it doesn’t click into the completed one and use the Associate function.

Do the steps above, I suspect this may solve your problem. I see you said that you deleted it, so you won’t have a planned workout to associate it with. You could just add it back in to test out the Associate feature.

This is interim Mac functionality so that you can see your next ride and initiate the workout in-app. TR worked really hard after the Calendar feature was released to make this possible after use feedback. It is expected that full Calendar functionality will become available in the future.

  1. I am in the middle of my plan. I have it on my calendar. What I don’t see on MAC is my previous ones.

  2. I did drag it but did not try associate button. Will check next time

  3. Will do but not practical

  4. Roger that

I kind of started to missed all layout and the way we used to train. Simple, effective and faster :frowning:

On the Mac you should see future rides under Calendar and completed rides under Career.

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Yep true but not good :slight_smile: