How much SSB is too much? Need a little help

To do a 3rd block of SSB or not…

Looking for some ideas on what to do to fill my summer in prep for the upcoming cyclocross season which officially begins the second week in Sept (Sept 9th) which goes till mid-November.

I’m wrapping up my current block the week of May 14th and have a few place holder blocks on the calendar. I’ve added a Build and Specialty, but I’m concerned that Speciality ends too early (mid-Sept) and am thinking that I should maybe add another 6-week block of Base either directly after the one I’m finishing before starting my Build. That way my Speciality block extends well into the CX season, whereas if I proceed as-is it would end 2 weeks into the season.

Here’s my calendar: - TrainerRoad


Going off last year, it looks like I didn’t do any structured indoor rides after May, tried to re-create trainerroad workouts outdoors and commuted 3-4 hrs/week which added up to 7-9 hr weeks.

Going into this year I told myself I’d be more strict about getting in at least 1 or 2 good days of intensity indoors and ride the rest outdoors. We still have a good month of variable (read: potentially shitty) weather so I’m not chomping at the bit to ride outdoors. Maybe it would be good to start a Build in 2 weeks.