How much overtraining is tolerable?

Hi all,
I’d like to compress my base training (low volume) a bit, so that instead of 6 weeks I can finish it in around 4 weeks per block. In the 2nd block it might result in a slight overtraining (not sure, though). So if this happens, would it be tolerable or should I avoid even a slight overtraining?

I’d advise to try to prevent the overtraining. Especially I would not plan things so that you already think you might be overtrained afterwards. You cannot know in advance as to how deep an overtraining state you will dig yourself in, or how long or how much overtraining you could take.

That’s my take on this.

Planning to overtrain is a bad strategy. The low volume plans use higher intensity to compensate for lower volume. If you only have 4 weeks to do base training and have more hours available than the LV plans then a better approach would be to do the first 4 weeks of MV plan instead.

Also not clear why you are trying to cut short the base period which is arguably the most critical block as without a good base you are trying to build with inadequate foundations. You would be better off doing a full Base and Build and then skipping or cutting short the Specialty phase.


How much fitness are bringing in, i.e. what have you been doing over the last 4 weeks?

If you’ve been maintaining fitness, I don’t see any issue with skipping the the first 3 weeks and week 6 of SSB1. Do SSB1 weeks 4 & 5 and then jump into SSB2. If you’re not supplementing Low Volume with extra rides, the training stress really isn’t that high.

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Hi cartsman,
Thanks for your answer. My plan is to finish all blocks before the season starts again next year, which, for me, is around April. Riding on a trainer in the basement while spring is coming is not gonna happen.

In which case I would do a full Base then Build, and whatever Specialty you can fit in to the remaining weeks.

And am very much on your wavelength with the outdoor riding when the weather gets good!

Hey team_bunty,
Good point. Due to job-related stress I neglected my training a bit. There are only two alternatives for me: compressing SSB1 and SSB2 or cutting the Specialty Phase. The latter case might be better, though.