How much FTP gain can I expect?

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Some background information about me: I have been training on and off for about a year. I went from about 180 watts to 234 (today’s ramp test) FTP. I just turned 18, and my weight is 67 kg. This means I have a 3,5 w/kg.

Do you guys think it’s possible to reach a 270 FTP by December 2021? Does my age limit me?

Yes it is possible.

Will you? Don’t know.

How many hours a week have you trained in the past, what have you been doing regards plans. How hours are you going to train going forward?

Give it a go and find out - anyone who tells you yes or no is lying or trying to sell something. No one can predict the future or tell what you will do and what your life will throw at you - that’s all down to you.

Training consistently over a period of time yields the best results so if you train, rest and recover you’ll be heading in the right direction…

Best of luck to you.

You may think “pfaff, what does this guy mean” - well I’m 55 and wish I’d done things differently in many ways but one thing I have learnt as many on here will agree to is you can’t predict the future and you certainly have to put the work in to get where you want to be. So you stand no chance of getting there if you don’t train and a better chance if you do.


It’s possible. I walked the mile in middle school, was kind of chubby, and threw up at my first 5k run. I’m now 16, 320w ftp, and 60kg. Trying to get to 350w ftp by December. Keep focused on the training and progressive overload and you will amaze yourself. I don’t think your age limits you, but only training for a year will. It takes a while to get the aerobic adaptations you need.

I was at 236 in nov 2020 and am over 272 now on the mid vol plan at 69-70kg so i would say yes that should be possible.

Seriously :-o
Of course its possible you are 18 not 80. If you were trying to get to elite level (400+w FTP) at 18 you’ve perhaps left that too late but certainly 270w is achievable from a 234w base.

God that makes me feel old. :rofl: :rofl:

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