Expected benefits of over FTP efforts

Hi all,

I feel as though I have reached my maximum potential FTP increase from my “floor” with SS intervals and long Z2 ride etc, and need to work on the efforts above my FTP in order to increase it.

The question is how much (realistically) would I expect my FTP to rise by?

For reference:

  • I’m 19 and have been a cyclist for 3 years (training/racing for 2 of them)
  • Currently, my 20min power is 366w @62.5~ Kg
  • My 5min power is only 405W which is fairly low in comparison to my 20min

If I focus on over Vo2 work predominantly what increases should I expect by the new year?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Everyone responds differently so you can’t put a number to it. I would expect that with good consistent training, someone of your age will see plenty of gains as times goes on.