How far off targets do you need to be to get the "struggle survey"?

I’m curious how far off wattage targets do you need to be to get the “why today was challenging” question (aka, struggle survey)?

I think answering “very hard” or harder on a post-workout survey will also trigger it, but I’m curious what’s the specific percentage off of interval targets that triggers it? :thinking:

It’s never been shared in public from anything i have seen or heard.

I would guess 5% or more below target, but have nothing but gut feel to back that guess.

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I’m not sure it’s being off by a specific %. I received the struggle survey on a workout I rated hard and hit the targets. Looks like I varied a bit from my normal in power and cadence though during the intervals. Seems like it’s pretty nuanced.

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Thanks, Chad! That may be about right.

I recently did Jacks +4 and wasn’t feeling great, but not awful either. So I intentionally sagged the middle intervals but only enough to hopefully avoid the “struggle survey”…mainly out of pride. :laughing:

My worst interval (#5 below) was 5.2% off target and I did get the survey.

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  • Right, there is more to the story in the relative Difficulty rating of the workout you perform and your starting PL for that training level. Rating a Hard or even Very Hard for a Stretch may be totally fine. Doing the same rating for an Achievable might rightly issue the Struggle survey because it shouldn’t be that difficult.
  • Yep, it is not a single factor trigger in many cases.