AT - Failed a Workout, Not Served a Failure Survey

Curious if anyone has experienced this.

Did Emerson +2 which is a threshold workout consisting of 5 blocks of 10 mins with 4 mins of rest between. Did the first two blocks above required power and skipped the rest in between (was doing a Zwift time trial.) I then was in the middle of the third block and took it easy for two minutes and then did the rest of the workout fine. We can argue if this is an overall failure or not - that is not the issue.

I was served the “difficulty” survey at the end to which I answered Very Hard and assumed I’d passed the workout. I later noticed I got no bump in level for this workout.

I opened a ticket with support and was told that I did indeed fail the workout (just barely) and I was served the correct survey.

I was under the impression (perhaps incorrectly) that if AT deemed the workout a failure or struggle or if you cut it short you’d be asked for a reason. Then you could even disagree with an “I did not fail this workout” response?

I discussed with support back and forth a bit but I still don’t understand. I assume if I get the “rate the difficulty” survey then I have not failed the workout.

If anyone has any insight or can point me to a thread on the forum, I’d appreciate it.

@IvyAudrain - If you have a moment, would you kindly share your knowledge on this? Basically, if AT thinks I failed, shouldn’t I be served a “failure” survey?


Ivy can bring the correct and accurate TR explanation to the conversation. In my interactions with support on AT for structured outdoor workouts on Garmin getting fail surveys when I nailed the workout I read the response to say that the main reason was the AT logic was too strict with outside workouts, and the temporary solution was to turn off the fail mode. Perhaps that’s what you experienced? But my interpretation may be incorrect.

Obviously still work to do on their end to get this working correctly with a “better” permanent solution.

Thanks, but this was an indoor ride and AT determined this to be a fail but never let me know by serving me a “struggle” survey. My question is straightforward, shouldn’t AT serve a “struggle” or “fail” survey if it determines you have not passed a workout?

Is there not an FAQ or something where we can see all the surveys and descriptions of what they all represent?

I also believe its also related to your response. If a workout supposed to be “moderate” or “hard” (like the threshold workouts you were mentioning) and you rate it “very hard” then AT doesn’t raise your progression level. (VO2max though can be very hard) This happened to me already various times - I played around with the responses and dependent on the response the progression level was raised or not. I guess this is the way for AT to avoid progressing you too hard.

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If you failed a workout, you should see the ‘fail’ survey instead of the ‘struggle’ survey, so it was likely just an issue with AT logic since that was just barely a failed workout.
Sorry for the confusion, stuff like this can sometimes be inherent with being in closed beta testing for a feature! We appreciate learning about these instances though, it helps us refine the process and minimize those occurrences. Thanks for testing with us and sharing your experience!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these the 3 main surveys:

  1. Pass (“All Out” selection gives a secondary survey for that appears to be the same as the Struggle survey below).

  2. Struggle (TR sees low power, pause breaks, other signals of issues that are not a “Pass”.)

    • I suspect we are blurring the “Struggle” with the “fail” term, but I could be mistaken.
  3. Time (TR sees the workout cut short and ended by the rider before full completion.).

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Expanding upon this and upon my prior explanation, you’ll only get the difficulty survey when failing a workout if you select “I did not struggle” in the initial ‘why did you struggle’ survey.

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@IvyAudrain Thanks, I just wanted to be sure I understood how it’s supposed to work and you’ve confirmed I’m not crazy (well, in this particular case.)

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A flow chart/graphic would be a great tool to help people get the picture of surveys very quickly. Prose explanations can be technically accurate, but not always easy to understand and visualize.

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