Adaptive Training - Feedback questions after a workout

On completion of a workout a pop up question usually asks me to give it a rating eg, easy, moderate, hard etc.
However sometimes I don’t get that question, instead I get a question along the lines:
why are you stuffed - nutrition, fatigue…

Is this normal or an error, eg, assumes I have answered a earlier question saying very hard, which i haven’t!

Are there other feedback responses I have yet to meet?

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The “Easy”, “Moderate”, etc. survey is for those workouts you successfully completed.

The “nutrition”, “fatigue”, etc. survey is for those workouts you cut short or failed on for some reason.

See this help page for more info -

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In addition to BobW’s answer, you also get the second question when you’ve successfully completed a workout but rated it ‘All Out’. Because that’s above the effective training difficulty level, AT needs to know what limiter you’ve hit.

Thanks @bobw and @pdf500

Edited my initial response having read the link which explains them in detail.

I also wondered if the recovery period between high intensity, ie, Threshold, under and over 95-105% or VO2 are measured as part of the TSS and IFF ?

TSS and IF for a ride are calculated based on the entire ride. So yes, they include recovery between sets, warmup / cooldown. Everything.

You can be presented with the “struggle” survey if AT determines / thinks you struggled. This could be due to:

  • Taking too many breaks / pauses / back pedals during the work part of the workout
  • Turning down the intensity / not hitting the target power level - there is some leeway (e.g., if you are within 3% of the target, you are okay)

Bumping an old thread…

Wondering how you all rate a workout when it feels “good.” Or how about if the workout was “just right”?

And today, maybe I hit the wrong button… (or maybe it noted that after a sprint the resistance dropped out of the trainer and recorded zero for a few seconds?) but it asked me “why was today hard?” It wasn’t… it would be nice to have a button noting as such.

Repeat post of my refined ratings guide:

TR’s official version in support:

  • In my experience, that can vary based upon the type of workout done (Endurance vs VO2), as well as the relative Difficulty Level (PL vs Workout Level).
  • I am not certain this is accessible or visible in all platforms or use cases, but at one point there was an “I didn’t struggle” option for some instances. I know I have seen it before and even used it on one occasion. From memory (since I can’t find a screen shot), it is towards the bottom of the “Struggle” survey.

As to what triggers a Struggle survey, I don’t think we have hard answers. Generally speaking, if we rate a workout in the Achievable or Productive difficulty rating as Very Hard or All Out, I think we will get a struggle survey. But that may not be concrete other, and could be subject to the specific workout in play.


Yeah, I was bit surprised to have a why did you struggle survey pop up the other day after I marked a PL 6.0 2hr15 endurance ride (when I was currently at endurance PL 4.3) as ‘hard’ …not v hard or all out, since last 20 mins felt a big of a drag.

Not an issue and I marked ‘Intensity’ although wasn’t really the intensity but the duration, not used to 2hr rides on trainer, normally 60-90mins. However as this was a ‘Stretch’ shouldn’t it be hard…or maybe endurance rides should always feel easy/moderate…but if ride long enough?

My understanding about Endurance is that they should remain below Ventilatory Threshold 1 (VT1). The talk test for that is being able to say out loud 10 letters of the alphabet, maybe your mobile number, without your body wanting to trigger taking a breath. It is boringly easy. Hence, I tend to do my endurance rides on the road, and hence having to focus on my exertion level, eg, intentionally not pushing up an incline, not jumping onto the back of a passing rider, not racing the traffic lights or pushing into a head wind. The latter really helps me become body aware.