“Did you struggle” question

So I have a weird one. I completed a VO2max workout and as my fitness seems to be improving I absolutely smashed it:

If anything, it felt too easy - 30s at 363W was a very moderate effort and I ended up doing all the intervals at slightly higher power. Yet at the end of the workout I was asked to explain why I struggled with this particular session. I answered that I did not struggle and rated the session as Moderate but I’m quite curious to know why the app would come to that conclusion in the first place?

Could just be how the computer is reading the data. Were you at the goal watts for the full 30 seconds?

I’ve gotten those on occasion. I thought I accidentally hit the wrong selection on how it felt. I answer as you did and moved on. Never impacted my progression.

Were you using “Erg”?

It looks, just in terms of the graph, that it takes half the interval to reach target. As above the overall output might not meet the targeted expectations?

I’m going to guess it’s because your recovery “valleys” during each set are well below the target.


I was in resistance mode. The graphic I shared from the app is actually quite off, some funky smoothing going on there. If I zoom in on the desktop website here’s what I’m getting:

At or above target in all intervals - recovery valleys are lower but that’s a gearing issue in resistance mode for me. Couldn’t find a good gear in 30 seconds so was just switching between small and big chainring as it was a lot easier to do. That might possibly explain the way this workout was interpreted by AI?


I agree you did great, probably just a small issue with either the recovery intervals or time it takes
To get up to the wattage at the start of the interval. You smashed the workout, don’t worry about it :+1:

Just let support know, they’ll either let you know the reason why or correct it for you

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That should not yield to a struggle survey…seems like a bug…sth to check for support @ZackeryWeimer

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TR support team is awesome, seriously the best support team I’ve ever seen at any company. I asked the question, got a detailed answer 20 minutes later (Tiffany, you rock!):

"Thanks for reaching out to the TrainerRoad Support Team :slight_smile:

I took a look at this workout and noticed that a possible explanation for why it was classified as a “Struggle” could be because the recovery intervals were recorded at a lower power than the target power.

However, we’re working on an update to how Adaptive Training analyses Workout Levels that will address cases like this in the future. You did the right thing by selecting the “I did not struggle” option in your post-workout survey, which will correct your Adaptations in the future.

This is another reason why feedback via your post-workout surveys is so important!"