Are the struggle surveys more easily triggered now than in the past?

After months of using AT without any surprise struggle surveys, I’ve gotten three recently where I didn’t struggle.

I reported two of these and am trying to check for an underlying source, but it seems really odd to me. I was wondering if you all had noticed anything similar.

I’ve been noticing it was well. I generally have “Hard” as my normal response but AI has been asking why I struggled? There should be an option for “I didn’t struggle,” which was how I felt. For me, a Hard rating is “Hard but definitely achievable,” which is where I like my workout intensity.

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There is that option on the struggle survey, fortunately

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Oops! Must have missed that!

We haven’t changed the way we offer Survey Responses. However, if you are willing to share the rides there is confusion about, I’d be happy to take a look and shed some light on why you were offered a Struggle Survey!


I think your support folks are helping me track down a hardware issue, but heres yesterday’s workout that generated the struggle survey and really stumped me: Log In to TrainerRoad

Interesting. I stopped pedalling and jumped off the bike for 10 seconds during the warmup to fire up my bluetooth speaker yesterday - didn’t pause the workout which I’ve done before in similar circumstances - and got my first ever struggle survey …

I did jump off once to make sure a door was unlocked, and I adjusted fans once or twice, all during the LONG rest blocks.

For what it’s worth, I got a struggle survey the other day for Recess, of all things, and support acknowledged it was a bug they were aware of.

Thanks for the info guys!
@gesteves, I took a look at your ticket with Support, and your issue was specific to the Workout Recess, so that is separate from what is going on here.

@megsambit and @Helvellyn, I spoke with the team about this yesterday. We are currently taking a look into this. Thus far, we haven’t found anything that makes us think this is a bug. It is likely those breaks had an impact on our interpretation of your Workout. However, we will continue to dig into this to make sure there is nothing else going on here.

Thanks for raising this with us!


I did Sleeping Beauty-4 this am; no breaks or pauses. At the end, instead of the difficulty survey (easy/med/hard), it asked me why I struggled with it (I would have rated it moderate at most). I just hit “skip”

There’s an “I did not struggle” option you can select. :+1:

ah. that would require reading glasses, which I wasn’t wearing :laughing:


In addition to the usual Easy/Hard/ VH question, I was surprised to get the Struggle Survey yesterday on GrassyRidge+3 : Log In to TrainerRoad

I’m guessing it’s because of the 30s recovery valleys? They are at 60% and in some of them i needed to catch my breath. In plenty of other workouts, the valleys are at 40% and (while i don’t even do 40%) and the Struggle survey doesn’t pop up.

Hey @asteryx!

We took a look into this for you and it looks like you paused the workout mid-set in the second set. Since it’s an on-off workout, Adaptive Training recognises a pause mid-set as you struggling to complete the workout as prescribed. Pauses will be treated differently depending on the specific goals of the Workout. For example, a pause in between sets may not trigger the same outcome classification as this on-off Workout.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this!

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I meant to follow up on this ages ago. My problem turned out to be hardware-related, and the excellent support team helped me figure it out and resolve it. :smiley:

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Thanks. Good to know.

A follow up : Let’s say I had not paused in the 2nd set, there are still some valleys i couldn’t do at 60% … I 'm wondering if not meeting 60% in the valleys would trigger the struggle survey also?

Basically, trying to hit the 60% during the valleys resulted in the need for that pause.