How do i switch training plans?

Hello all,
I need to switch from Build training back into Base training, and I am struggling to find out the way of ‘ending’ my current plan.

I have got 6 weeks into Build, but don’t wish to continue. There’s going to be an obvious way of doing this, but i can’t remeber how to do it? I now have two plans within my Calendar…

Thanks in advance!


You can click on the “start of plan” block, then hit the garbage can and it will remove all the future workouts from your calendar.

Thanks ErikVH, do you know if it will delete all the work out data that i have completed? Cheers.

It shouldn’t, but I can’t say 100% that it won’t because I haven’t done it yet.

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As you look at the week, you have a WK Number: say WK36 followed by 3 dots, click on these dots and it gives you the option to Push Week - Pull Week - Delete Week. I would think this would be a better way of clearing the rest of your plan. I would think you don’t want to risk clearing the rides you have already completed. Hope that helps.