Clear those weekly calendar headings?

Hey guys,

Just in the midst of adjusting my training plan for the year based on some cancelled events etc. Just wondering how to get rid of these (the grey “BUILD” heading).

Clearing the week doesn’t seem to cut it and when I click on it all it does is give me an option to change the plan, not delete. I’m going to rebuild with the Plan Builder.

Also, is there a quicker way to delete multiple weeks on the plan, other than clearing each one individually?

Cheers and stay safe.

  1. Assuming the notes are from the plan, open one of the notes and use the “Delete All Tips” at the bottom.

  2. If you are deleting you whole plan:


Nuked using method 2. Thanks!

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Stupid question probably. But once you use plan builder, where are the weekly training tips from Chad? I cannot find them anywhere…

They are on the calendar as annotations. On the day of the start of your training week.

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Thanks Chad. They were in a previous plan but no longer show up in my new plan made via plan builder. I selected to start the plan a couple weeks in the past - maybe that’s why?

Maybe. I haven’t tested that.

Could be worth an email to to see if they can check.