Cleaning up from plan builder

Plan Builder has gotten my calendar completely messed up.
It has duplicate sections, workouts and events. Now completely hosed.

How can I wipe the slate clean from today to the end and reset the calendar?
You used to be able to delete by blocks, but no longer possible.

I have had this issue before too…but I think you just have to painfully delete the workouts 1 by 1

Here is the primary way to delete a plan:

Note, if you manually drag/drop and such once the workouts are on the calendar, that tends to “break” them out of the Plan Builder and will be left behind even if you delete the PB plan.

Is there any way @Bryce to delete whole calender from current day. I.e. if just want a clean slate going forward to ‘start again’ on plan?

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The delete button described in the web page no longer appears.
Only option is Update

Yes please! I think there are a lot of us who would like a clean slate that this point.

Can you post a screen shot?

This could be of help, but note that it is one week at a time, and also nukes annotations:

Clear Week - allows you to clear all workouts in a single week. Along with that, it will also clear all annotations. Therefore, leaving you with a completely blank slate.

Looks like someone just fixed it?

See example here

OK, if my guess is right, that is one of the “sub-plans” not the total, top of the heap, Plan Builder notation.

You need to go to that one annotation, at the very beginning of when you set your PB to start, and delete from that one.

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ok went back and found start in january

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Unfortunately not at this time. As Chad mentioned, deleting the Plan Builder plan using the start annotation, and/or clearing weeks at a time is the most effective way to clear out your Calendar to allow for rescheduling of your training.

Just re-activated my account and tried to create a new plan and I made the mistake of deleting the annotation at the start if the old plan and so have to delete week by week now, but it is not deleting the annotations (if that’s what the phase names are) as stated in this comment, am I doing something wrong. Just trying to start with a clean slate from today!

Maybe try this?

Hi Chad,

Thanks for the reply but my issue is I deleted the annotation at the start before I figured out what I was meant to be doing (ie. doing what is in the link you gave and is mentioned earlier in this thread), so there was no ‘Start Plan’ annotation anymore. So after reading a few threads it sounded like I needed to go week by week and use ‘Clear Week’, but that has left all the annotations for the phases (ie specialty, base etc…). So I was wondering if you can clear those annotations or is this a bug that needs to go to support? Here’s a screenshot showing what I’m left with along with Base 1, Base 2, Build and another Specialty later on (presumably from the new plan I also deleted).

Probably best to email at this point. Sorry I don’t know more to help.

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