How do I restart a training schedule after a cycling event?

Hi Folks,
I am a pretty new guy to TR. I had finished the SSBLV1 in early March and then went to join a local cycling event last Saturday (3/16). It took me about 4hrs to finish the 100km and I was feeling very well during the course (TR’s structured training really worked for me! Thanks!)
I was taking the next day(3/17) totally off and was thinking to start immediately SSBLV1 again today AM(3/18). However, I found out that I could NOT finish the ordinary 1-hr workout. No FTP adjusted. I was on my trainer for only 2 intervals and just could not pedal any more. The feeling was like I am totally drained!
Is this all because that I might have run out of all my glycogen for the first time to ride 100km outdoors and only 1 day off was not enough for me?
I am sure my motivation is still there and my muscles are not feeling sore or injured as I do stretch every day.
What should I do for this week? Maybe I take 3 recovery rides and restart the training schedule next week? Thanks for all your inputs in advance.

Yeah, looks like your were just fatigued even though you thought you felt fine. If a 4 hour ride was well above your normal weekend riding, then you likely needed more recovery. Maybe a rest day then an easy z2 ride.

Also, why are you SSBLV1 again? After SSB1 you should move onto SSB2 then a Build plan.

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Hi there,

Yes, you are right. I decided to take 2 days off and start with some recovery rides.
For doing SSB1 again, I was just thinking that I want to do it “perfectly” this time before moving on to SSB2. :stuck_out_tongue: