Advice needed for a complete performance crash


Since October I have done SSBLV1, SSBLV2, Sust. Pow Bld. Part 1

I didn’t fail a single workout.

My FTP went from 251 at the start to 273 last Monday.

This week was supposed to be Sustained Power Build Part 2. (LV)

I failed Washington + 4 in the third interval - my first ever failure.

I decided not to do Fish + 2, but instead Antelope from SSBLV1 - 5x10min in sweet spot, something I’ve not done for a long time and much lower %FTP than all recent workouts.

I failed in the third interval. I just couldn’t turn the pedals.

I’m really disappointed and at the point of not bothering with it all anymore. I can’t even do SS. I’ve gone from completing all workouts to not being able to finish a SS workout.

I’ve noticed that last week and this week, my cadence has been mid 80s when it’s usually mid 90s.

Anyone had an experience like this? What would you do?

Thanks so much for any help.

This is one of those where the poster knows the answer themselves but needs others to tell them “You are tired, take a rest and it’ll all be ok again”. I even do this myself. I should almost write a post describing my experiences of lower power and performance just so i can see it and go “You are tired, mate, take a rest and it’ll all be ok again”. :smile:


hehe you might be right there.

In all seriousness… what would a rest constitute? A week off? Ten days of sub 60min workouts in endurance zone?

I know one answer could be ‘until you feel better’ - but regularly failing workouts to see if I’m rested doesn’t seem right.

What do you use to figure this out?

I assume after a rest it’s best to retake the Ramp Test, as well? (although I’m thinking of switching back to the 20min)

HTFU!! #5 :wink:

Joking. As @RCC said, it sounds like a period of R&R is needed.

However long it takes until you no longer feel like this:

Varies by individual, by how big a hole you’ve dug yourself into and how much of that hole is mental vs physical fatigue. I’d probably have a couple of days totally off the bike. Then start riding again but with rides that are just fun, unstructured and with zero pressure. Coffee rides, gravel rides, tooling around in Zwift, whatever is going to put a smile on your face and not have you worried about “failing”. If it’s just a minor blip then I find that it only takes a few days of this before the legs feel good and I’m itching to hit some intensity again. If it’s a bigger dip then might take a few weeks or even a month before that freshness and motivation returns. I’ve never had it take longer than that, but people who have properly overtrained (not just over reached a bit) talk about the journey back taking a year or 2. Am sure that’s not going to be the case for you!

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Ha yes! I guess 99% of cycling problems can be solved with 1) HTFU, 2) Rest or 3) Bike fit :smile:

You forgot 4) Eat more carbs!

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If all you are doing are the rides in the LV plan, I don’t think you have necessarily buried yourself into a hole. I think it’s mental. Just my perspective.

Notice that everything started to fall apart when you failed a workout for the first time. You are being too hard on yourself. It’s normal to fail workouts. Don’t let one failed workout destroy your confidence. We can be our worst enemies sometimes.

Besides being the first workout after a ramp test, Washington +4 is bloody hard, I kind of failed that one too but got through the rest of SusPB LV. But it was physically and mentally VERY challenging. Next time do Washington +2. Same intervals but with twice the rest in between.

Do you do the rest weeks as prescribed? Often a rest week can be half volume and no intervals. In your case I might take 2-3 full days off and then do low volume recovery rides for the rest of the week and then retest FTP.

This is normal. Whether it is physical or mental, eventually your body or mind will rebel and tell you to take a break. Not sugar coating it, the break will likely be longer than you hope and you may take a step back before getting back to where you were. Thats the nature of this beast. Two steps forward one step back sometimes. It is best not to fight it. That will only mess with your head.

What everyone else said - you probably know the answer and are looking for assurances.

Commit to a true rest week.

If you’re a true LV rider (no extra rides, no other training/running/weights) I’d plan for 5 whole days off the bike, two easy days 30-60 minute endurance spins, then retest.

If you’re a MV rider on a LV plan, you can think about making the week not seem as long with a 3 off, 1 easy, 3 off or something like that. Reduce cross training as well.

  1. Your FTP is set too high. :slight_smile:
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