Should I retest my FTP in the middle of my training block due to a bike fit?

Hey everyone, I’m in the midst of a sweetspot base block on the high volume plan and I recently got a bit fit for the first time. Today was my first actual session since the fit, Juneau -1, and I feel significantly stronger in my new position (we made some big changes to all aspects of my fit). The session felt incredibly easy compared to other sweetspot workouts, and everything feels more fluid riding now which is great. Given the seemingly large positive impact this fit has had on my riding, would it be a good idea to retest my FTP in the middle of this block, or should I hold out 3 more weeks until my next scheduled ramp test?

I would. I just retested on a new fit. It’s a significant change. If you come in lower, it comes up as you adapt to the fit. If you come in higher, sweet!