How difficult should this be?

I’m glad that you found the info useful. Unfortunately virtual power can throw you off if you are not super meticulous about your tyre pressure etc…

I hope you have a blast once you get you PM and improve fast, but remember:

if you’re used to killing yourself on every ride you do, then starting a structured plan will feel easy at times. Idea being that when you do go hard, you can get more out of it- both because you’re fresher going into it and also because you’re following a progression intended to maximize your capacities specific to your goals.

Also worth mentioning that sweetspot isn’t supposed to feel super taxing- the SSB plans work on the basis that it can be done in relatively large volumes without needing significant recovery time, so in that respect I’d be more concerned if you were absolutely wiped after your first 2 workouts in base. If you still feel it’s too easy a couple of weeks in you can always retest or manually increase your FTP :slight_smile: