How can I remove 79 TP workouts from my workouts list?

I had my Trainingpeaks account linked up to TR and it pulled in loads of TP workouts ( 79 of them) and has somehow also created a number of duplicates. These are all really cluttering up the list of workouts when I go to search for a TR workout to do. How can I remove all of the Custom workouts on my account?

I’ve now removed the TP link.




I don’t know how to remove them, but the last item / 2nd to last item in the filter for workouts should be “Custom”. Just check “No”, and only TR workouts will be shown.


Many thanks. I’ll do that. It would be good if I could also have them all removed.

There are no batch ‘delete all’ options unfortunately. I would maybe check in with though if you keep seeing duplicates like that, definitely not the normal experience. Sorry for the trouble!

I’m unable to delete any of them. I’m not looking for a “batch” delete. I’d happily delete them one by one if you tell me how.


I think you can delete custom workouts thru trainerroads Workout Creator…

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I tried that but they don’t show in it for some reason.

yup, what im seeing too. My actual custom workouts show up but the ones auto created from the Training Peaks import are not there to be deleted.

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If it was a normal custom workout created via WC that would be true, but since it was imported from Training Peaks, possibly not.

Write, they can likely delete them from the Admin side of the site.

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Thanks @IvyAudrain . Email sent…

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I’m very interested in this solution, too. Please post the reply from Support. Thanks!

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Will do. I’m still waiting to hear back from support.

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Do support not work at the weekend? I’ve had no response and it’s almost 48hrs. The auto reply email says they’ll get back within 24 to 48hrs.

I have over 200 workouts that were synced from TP and they don’t appear in WorkoutCreator.

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That’s strange as everyone else’s appears not be showing in the workout creator.

I’ve got 8 of these TP created workouts in the TR workout library:

And in WorkoutCreator cannot find them by search or visual review of library.

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Sure, you can delete if created in WorkoutCreator. It’s the ones synced from TP that requires TR intervention to remove. That said, I don’t care, they don’t clutter how I use the workout library.

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Nearly all were executed outside and recorded on Garmin.

And since they were synced from TP, in the TR world they are indoor only custom workouts with no outside option.

Yes that sounds plausible, and if you can do it then I’d say it’s an existence proof.

We had some forest fires in August 2020 that forced me inside. I took a few minutes and saw the following:

  • 2 variants of “Sprint Intervals: 4 Sets of …” in TP
  • originally on the TP calendar 6 times, only 4 completed
  • 6 in TR workout library, and only 4 show completed
  • both variants of the original workout were completed
  • only 1 of the 2 variants was completed inside, and recorded on Garmin (not TR app)
  • all 4 in WC have a delete button
  • WC showing a published date of March 1, with no year so assuming it was this year

Odd and somewhat unexpected behavior :man_shrugging: unless the behavior changed on March 1st.

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