How can I remove 79 TP workouts from my workouts list?

No, that’s not what I mean. Did you do the exercise in TR. All of mine are TP created.

Nearly all were executed outside and recorded on Garmin.

And since they were synced from TP, in the TR world they are indoor only custom workouts with no outside option.

I’m guessing that if you do the exercise in the TR app, you can remove them with WorkoutCreator.

Yes that sounds plausible, and if you can do it then I’d say it’s an existence proof.

I just deleted > 250 workouts in WorkoutCreator (that was painfully tedious). I now have ~150 custom workouts that I can’t delete from the Workout Library. Like you, none of this really bothers me, just playing with it out of curiosity.

One of the unremovable workouts is the workout scheduled for today. So, will find out if that will show up or not in WC, after I do it. I use the TR app for my workouts.

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We had some forest fires in August 2020 that forced me inside. I took a few minutes and saw the following:

  • 2 variants of “Sprint Intervals: 4 Sets of …” in TP
  • originally on the TP calendar 6 times, only 4 completed
  • 6 in TR workout library, and only 4 show completed
  • both variants of the original workout were completed
  • only 1 of the 2 variants was completed inside, and recorded on Garmin (not TR app)
  • all 4 in WC have a delete button
  • WC showing a published date of March 1, with no year so assuming it was this year

Odd and somewhat unexpected behavior :man_shrugging: unless the behavior changed on March 1st.

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So … Workout Creator will let you delete them if you ride them in TrainerRoad?

Not clear because I have TP workouts only completed outside, from August 2020, and they appear in WC and have a delete button. It seems the behavior changed this year, or possibly sometime last year, because I have a lot of TP synced workouts that do NOT appear in WC.

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  1. Load the custom workout in TrainerRoad and do it. I loaded it on the mobile App and “rode” it for about 5 seconds and saved it. I had no sensors connected but saved the ride.
  2. Open Workout Creator and let it sync new workouts.
  3. Recently added workouts will appear at the top of the list on the left. Select the workouts you want and delete them.

While cumbersome, this worked for me and should allow you to “see” these workouts in WC and get rid of them.


Confirmed. My workout scheduled for today (from TP) did not show up in Workout Creator.

After I did the workout in TR, it now shows up in the Workout Creator.

It seems a bit troublesome to do, but I guess if it bothers you, that’s the only real solution now. I had over 350 custom workouts, and it doesn’t really bother me as I don’t search by name or scroll alphabetically. If I need something specific, I would build it in TP for the date and force sync it. The duplicates, though, are somewhat silly.