Deleting workouts from Training Peaks?

Good afternoon, it appears I incidentally may have had some training peaks workouts copied over to my workout library. I can’t figure out how to delete them. It’s not that big of a deal but I do tend to be a bit OCD so if I can clear them out that’d be great.

Thank you,

Plus one on this. What’s even more interesting, I can only see that one workout I have in the app, but not in web UI.

Checking in on this thread to see if anyone ever got any answers. I’m currently trying to get a new Training Peaks account up and running. A very incomplete smattering of old activities imported from connected accounts. I have better idea of how to import my training history manually, but I need to clear the old imported activities first. Any ideas?

Hey y’all,

Have you tried logging into your account in our Workout Creator app to see if they’re listed in your library there?

I think they might show up on there!

I only use my phone.