Delete all (or better, some) of the custom workout

Hi all, is it possible to delete a lot of custom workouts in a click (or two)?
I clicked on a custom plan on a website and it filled me with a lot (too much) of custom workouts, all named BIKE_x and I would like to clean them out.

thanks in advance

Hey @ddddavidee,

We just deleted all of your custom workouts that had “BIKE” in the title.

If you didn’t know, you can edit and delete your custom workouts from our Workout Creator app.

Let me know if this helps!

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Thanks a lot!
I was looking everywhere in the app (not the creator one) and cannot find a way to batch delete them.

Thanks a lot for cleaning my list! Very kind of you…

Regards, d.

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No problem!

That’s why we’re here! :mechanic:

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Are you able to delete all mine too? I previously had some created via trainingpeaks and can’t delete them as they don’t show up in workout creator?

Hey there,

Send an email to and we can get that sorted for you!