Workout creator not finding custom workouts?

My coach sends my workouts to Training Peaks and then Trainer Road picks them up within a couple of days of the calendar workout day. However, the way the coach has them written the intervals have a range so TR averages the effort, but for some of these I want to ride them in Erg at the high end. I used the Workout Creator to adjust one of the workouts so far and it worked as intended.

The issue - most of the new custom workouts being posted from TP into TR, are not showing in Workout Creator. I don’t know what the trigger is to get the workout to show up in Creator and was hoping someone could provide some guidance. I loaded a workout in TR scheduled for today, cancelled, and then resynced Creator but it still doesn’t show. Do you actually need to complete an imported workout before it shows in your Custom list in Creator?

All help appreciated.

When in Workout Creator, there are buttons near the top left for TrainerRoad and Custom. Select Custom. Also make sure it is fully sync’d. there will be a spinning icon in the top right as it syncs all workouts.

Thanks for the quick response. I was looking just on the Custom side, and did try to resync on a couple of occasions but new workouts don’t appear. As mentioned, it seems a custom workout imported into TR from TP will only show in Creator after having done the workout - which seems to defeat the purpose of what I want to accomplish, so I’m hopeful there is another trigger to get the workout loaded into Creator.

To reply to my own post - I rode today’s custom workout, and after completion it now shows up in Creator. So the open question - how do I get it into Creator before completing the workout so I can make changes to it if needed.