How a Pro Supercross Racer Trains with Justin Brayton – Successful Athletes Podcast 23

Justin Brayton is one of the best Supercross racers in the world and he uses cycling and structured training with TrainerRoad to achieve success. Learn how he uses principles of periodization, training intensity, stress balance and more to be one of the world’s most elite athletes.

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Topics covered in this episode:

What a typical season of Supercross is like
How Justin periodizes his training around his races
Staying safe and healthy while traveling for the Supercross season
Why Supercross is so physically demanding
How cycling training compliments Supercross racing
Why Justin chooses to train with structured training
How Justin uses TrainerRoad to help his Supercross
Justin’s total training volume in a week
How Justin fuels his training
Why racing supercross helps Justin’s bike handling
Justin’s plans for after Supercross

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