Successful Athletes Podcast: Why Episode #23?

Just tell me what I am missing with episode #23.

Can someone please help me understand what a cyclist can glean from the Successful Podcast with Justin Brayton? I feel like a proper intro at the beginning of the podcast to foreshadow the relevance would have been extremely helpful.

I feel like the episode should have started with … “Justin, you use a throttle, cyclists don’t, so what can cyclists learn from a supercross athlete like yourself?” I guess I presumed we would learn about cornering and technique for MTB racing … but that didn’t happen. His life, training, racing is nothing like the typical cyclists (and that’s okay), so I am trying to figure out why episode #23?

To be honest, I did end the podcast at 40-minutes … I couldn’t keep going; so maybe a synthesis happened at the end. Just leaves me wondering if a future podcast of a professional bull rider is on the horizon? Maybe bull riding will help me understand the importance of 8-sec max power.

I don’t plan on getting a moto soon … so, any elucidation is helpful. :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet listened, but I plan to maybe even today.

I never raced Supercross but I raced enough Harescrambles, GNCC style, “woods racing” (and a handful of very easy motocross courses) and I can tell you that cardio vascular fitness plays a huge role. These guys hit a max HR of more than they would see on a pedal bike - think full body workout plus the fear factor of launching themselves into the air and diving into corners at break-neck. The cognitive load is higher than bicycle racing, no doubt about it, by a good long shot. I didn’t understand it either, until I started riding (moto) then racing, it’s strangely exhausting.

Sounds like some preface would have been useful. I’ve been luke warm with this series, but the good ones have been very welcomed. Like the AACC podcast, I just stop listening if it’s not interesting.


Not all podcasts will be interesting or useful to all listeners. I haven’t spent much time on this series, but would likely pick and choose based on my guess as to the ones that sounded interesting or potentially beneficial. These more than the AACC podcast, are likely more narrow in scope and potential reach as a result.


So, I’m listening now. The information you’re getting at starts at 13:30. they even say, “just twisting the throttle”

I would say think about the HR at a XC short track race, then couple that with the hardest DH course imaginable.

Considering my background, this one is highly interesting for me.

This guy’s heart rate sure gets up there for just sitting in a car and driving. I imagine motocross is even crazier


MX is widely recognized for it’s large demand on the rider from a strength and aerobic perspective. It ranks right up at the top of overall demands. Cross-training with cycling is a long standing factor in motorsports. It was a big push from old guys like Jeff Ward and adopted more and more in the early '90’s. I haven’t followed MX much in the last decade, but I’d wager they are still using cycling as a large part of their off moto training.

That of course, has little to do with the more cycling centered riders we likely feature on the TR platform. But there are often tidbits that are worth hearing and considering from outside sports. The perspective, if nothing else, can be beneficial on it’s own. But as ever, YMMV.

As someone who comes from motor sports it’s cool to see the two hobbies blending together. One of our locals here who was really really strong and talented quit riding a few years back to do motocross. Talking to another elite local he said “Cameron quitting was the biggest waste of cycling talent I’ve ever seen” haha


that video just reminds me of one more reason why i hate donovan mcnabb.,