Racer Interview – Justin Thomas – Ask a Cycling Coach 182

We’re back with the podcast a day early and with a special guest! Join us and TrainerRoad user Justin Thomas, a Masters XC National Champion who shifted focus to a Cyclocross National Championship in 2017. We covered his story in this video:

Tune in at 8:00am Pacific while we dig into what it took to be nationally competitive in CX, how it differed from MTB, and how he balanced training, career and family responsibilities. If you have questions about Justin’s training (like how the heck he stays so lean :wink: ), or how training/racing CX differed from XCO MTB, drop them below!

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Here are the topics we are covering today:
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Congrats to friend of the podcast Payson McElveen for winning Singlespeed World Championships!

TrainerRoad users who qualified for Kona:

Tony Weeks: 4.23 FTP/kg; AG 45-49:

  • Qualifying Race: Ironman Wales
  • Overall: 10:31:42
  • Swim: 01:00:04
  • Bike: 05:40:32
  • Run: 03:37:u5408

Podcast episode:

David Nicholls: 4.77 FTP/kg; AG 30-34:

  • Qualifying Race: Ironman South Africa
  • Overall: 9:26:42
  • Swim: 00:57:12
  • Bike: 05:06:35
  • Run: 03:17:20

Podcast episode:

Wes Thompson: 3.76 FTP/kg; AG: 45-49:

  • Qualifying Race: Ironman Australia
  • Overall time: 10:17:28
  • Swim: 00:59:46
  • Bike: 05:11:55
  • Run: 04:00:58

Podcast episode:

FLO Cycling’s take on tire pressure:

How Sweet Spot training makes you faster:

Garmin Varia Radar:

The SWORKS Venge:

Nate’s Strava:

Justin Thomas - 2018 Masters Cyclocross Nationals Podium Finisher:

  • FTP: 307
  • Weight: 136lbs/61.7kg
  • FTP/kg: 4.98
  • Age: 43

CX Magazine: Justin Thomas’ Unique Road To Masters Nationals In His Reno Hometown:

Justin’s Equipment:

Cannondale SuperX

Zipp 303 Tubular

Stages Power Meter

Justin’s warm up workout — Pahrah

Feedback Sports Omnium

Justin’s Cyclocross training plan:

Skratch Labs Fruit Drops:


What does your in-season training schedule look like? I’ve been finding it difficult to race 2-3 times a week (Wednesday night cx and both weekend days) and figuring out how to train on the rest of the days.

Is racing 3 days a week and hoping to grow fitness just too much? If so is it worth it to forgo some fitness to gain the technical skills from racing?

Also, what is the max number of beer hand-ups you have consumed in a race and still won? :sunglasses::grin:

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Damn, his legs are so aero!! Would love to hear about his diet.

PS, love that this is stickied to the top!

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Which age group does he compete in?

Justin Races in the Masters 40-44 age group.

Go Tribe!

I wish I was still that skinny! Graduated high school and college at 138.5 lbs, 6’-0". By 30 I was 220 lbs/100kg, by 34 I was 150, and now at 40, I’m a fatty at 180 :frowning:

His words spoke to me, weight as an unnecessary stressor. I’m also small, 132 at 5’11. I’ve always wanted to gain weight. Last year I put on 8 lbs, but was eating close to 5000/6000 calories a day. Not worth it! 132 is my sweet spot and I’m now just content with it. An unnecessary stressor, going to use that from now on. Thanks!

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I was thinking during the podcast that justin’s story might be an example where absolute watts might be what he’s got to overcome in some of those flatter courses. Might also be why running with a bike doesn’t translate well with his open times since most bikes weigh similar amounts. A bigger individual has a lower penalty by percent of their weight to carry the bike.

Really interesting podcast. What was the name of the workout Justin uses as a warmup?