Hour Record attempt today (April 16, 2019)

Rider Victor Campenaerts will try to break 2015’ mark of 54.526km. It will be transmitted live on YouTube at UCI’s channel.

Are we going to have a new record today?


It would be awesome if he manages to break it, not breaking it would make the record even more elusive.

Wired.com had a video on why it’s so hard to break the record:


Men are so slow. He’ll never get close to 300km/hr. :laughing:



The things people will do for fame. Most impressive is - this was probably faster than just jumping off an airplane.


At least this is 100% human-powered.


I think you mean Canadian-powered. :canada: :trophy: :grin:

At least the near-135 year-old penny farthing hour record is safe. Amazing that the record is 35.5km yet 130+ years of technology and science have gained but a mere 20km. Obviously the human body is the weak link in this gamut.

God speed, Mr. Flying Moustache!


Cheers for the reminder! Totally forgot about this! Any livestream?

Edit: nevermind me, you already said it will be live on YT. Hope I haven’t missed it already.

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Thanks for sharing

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Starts at 18.00 cet - 41 minutes time


Wiggins seemed a bit salty about it being held at altitude :smile:

He should have done the same if he really wanted it to stand for longer. He traded that in for a bit more short term fame in the UK, or at least it appears that way. I’m sure the decision making was more complicated and had a lot of party’s interests to balance.

It’s obvious from the bradley wiggins eurosport podast (which is where the quotes about him not liking this attempt being at altitude come from) that he was joking. He seems very clearly to want Campenaerts to succeed.

It’s on…go go go

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I’m guessing the locals aren’t big cycling fans… seen bigger crowds for a local TT :grin:

Does anyone have a source for Wiggin’s lap times?

Maybe he’s still building up but it doesn’t look like a fast start today.

Following on belgian television and atm he is 2sec faster. 8km done

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7sec faster…13km

Haha no, Campenaert did not want a crowd.
Only those people were allowed in


Bit disappointed with the on screen info. Wouldn’t have been hard to have laps timed v Wiggins’ laps. Gives you something to obsess over, especially for a lot of people like myself who have to watch on mute.


After 20km… 11 seconds faster…

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