24 Hour World Record Attempt Livestream 💥 💥 💥

Live Now, just started a few minutes ago. Dimension Data supporting it with full data along with video. Amazing that we can see power, HR, speed etc for the full attempt.

James MacDonald going after the 24 hour record. Can see the details on this site:


11 hours in with a 51km/hr average speed*. :flushed:

My legs are such lazy bastards.

*[edit: seems there was a data error…11 hours in and still doing 35km/hr.

My legs are still lazy bastards! ]

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Mad as hell isn’t it :smiley:

It was the 7 hour mark that struck me. All my biggest rides ended before there and that feeling where I want to stop nags away but you don’t stop because this nightmare you’re in will take even longer to get home so you keep going and hating every drawn out second of it :hot_face:

But for James, well he’s just getting started :smiling_imp:

Livestream had ended by the time I woke up. Might be wrong, but it looks like the pace was a bit too much - he’d done around 675km in over 14 hours and was over 100km further than the world record holder at that point. Mind boggling. He’s paid the price though, and looks like it all ended around 14hours 14min. Gutted for him, and he’s going to be in a depressive hell for a few days, but it’ll pass :muscle:

Would love to hear the team’s analysis. Must be loads of what if’s going around. What if we dropped the watts a little, what if we took more regular rest, what if we changed the nutrition, what if trained a little differently etc.

Clearly he can do this, just need to tweak the formula a bit :v:

EDIT: Just found his Twitter, looks like he slid out on some split water during the night. Can see the photos of his track rash here:

Really bad luck but surely some contingency is in place for spilt fluids? Might be hard to have someone get to the exact spot and dry it when the laps are so quick I suppose.

We just got back form RAAM a few weeks ago, I was able to meet and talk to Christoph Strasser for a bit, the current record holder. He said that is a ride he would never do again, and probably the hardest ride he has ever done. This coming from the 6 time RAAM winner and 24 hour outdoor record holder as well. Mad respect for this guy giving it a try.