Zwift race harder than hour record - Alex dowsett

Found this interesting. You can watch YouTube video if interested

One thing I noticed about this and some of the other legit pros doing e-races is how crappy their cooling setups are. I guess if you live in a place where you ride outside all of the time, like Girona, indoor training is not a concern. I would not like to try riding for 20min at 330w with basically no fan. If you look at his face as the video progresses, he looks not so good :laughing:

I bet his take on the experience would have been different if he had a monster fan, some tunes playing, and a decently sized TV / monitor.


And he is stuck at altitude. The Cycling TV interview the other night also showed his disappointment at how easy he ended up going in the hour record. I think he said it was 360 watts just to hit his schedule but he had prepared for 400. The reduction due to race day conditions, bike prep that wasn’t used in training, and the fact he stuck to the schedule.

Yeah he wants another crack at it. He made a video where he’s blatently open fishing for it.

It’s no surprise that so many of the pros are finding zwift racing hard - a large minority of the field in any zwift race are cheating (although how different this is to ‘real’ racing is I guess can also be questioned). Even when not racing I’m surprised by the amount of people I see cheating - yesterday I was overtaken while going up mount zwift by quite a few “riders” who seemed to be able to go faster than me even though they weren’t actually pedalling.
Happily most of the pros seem to have a well adjusted view of zwift racing (in comparison to their job of actual racing) - that it is a bit frivolous and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
I’d love to see Dowsett try the hour record again. If he waits for perfect conditions I can see him getting it back / going very close to Campenaerts. I was always a bit frustrated that Wiggins had the timing of his record attempts governed by TV and other such factors, rather than waiting for good conditions. The air pressure was so high that even with normal/average air pressure he would have gone almost three laps farther.

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Maybe just maybe he will turn his attention to the Hour record. With Isolation he could fully focus on that one event. The racing season is in flux right now. I would like to see him do another hour record. Almost certain with correct pacing and temps this time he could go further.

Was thinking that. He said before he needs three months prep, but maybe he could get that right now? Though access to velodrome or windtunnel for testing might be a bit difficult. It depends on support from his team too, he’d essentially need to be given the time off to prep.

We saw him doing timed laps in-between our vets exercises on the Manchester velodrome a few years back in Moviestar colours .

There lays a problem with Mattias also wanting to have another crack, Dowsett mentioned that as well and the team might be reluctant to let two riders out of road racing to prepare for an hour

the thing right now is both were prepping for the olympics and that isn’t happening. both also currently have no race season, so prepping for a winter hour record go might not actually be the worst use of their time at the moment, and would bring sponsors viewership that they will sorely be missing this summer

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I believe when avatars aren’t peddling it just means that cadence data is not being provided, like if you had a powertap wheel and no cadence sensor. I’ve also had glitches where my avatar stops peddling for a while even though I am and cadence data is being provided. Zwift does seem to fake the cadence in some situations where no cadence data is provided, like with certain smart trainers.

Didn’t look like he had a fan at all. Not shocked why he thought that if there was no cooling. I can barely make it through my warmup without my 2 fans blowing at me.