Alex Dowsett hour record attempt

Alec Dowsett has anouced he’s going to have another crack at the hour record this December. Be interesting to see if he can get it again. I really hope post attempt he does a tech vlog as he seems to really like the details (like a lot of TTers).

I wonder what he’ll be riding since he’s currently on Factor bikes who don’t currently have a track machine, and I can’t see them getting into track just for this and building a competative machine in the few months he’s been planning.

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If you want to read more:


There’s also a video on his YouTube channel: NEW HOUR RECORD ATTEMPT | big announcement


Yup, that’s where I saw it. Was going to link it when on break.

Presumably he’ll use the same bike that he took to the wind tunnel? Otherwise, why optimise position on that now?

That’s his geared TT bike, guess working on position for TTs. I wonder it’ll be his new team’s supplier.

I thought the same thing, but he said he’s going to use a track bike. Probably he can get in the same position with both bikes.

He’ll have to go at least 4% faster than his last attempt. Good guy and all but I’ve been convinced that it’s too tall an order. We’ll have to wait until Ganna is COVID-free. Fun winter entertainment nonetheless.


He’s on the record as saying that his previous record (set with Movistar) was quite conservatively paced - he ‘only’ averaged 360W for the hour. So even though Wiggins and Campanaerts have set the bar higher, I still think Alex has a good chance.

I presume they’ve tested enough to think (know) it’s possible…I suspect he’ll be getting some good aero equipment, something of a British speciality :smiley:

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I’m pretty excited to see this - I hope he can do it :muscle:t2:

I hope he can do it also! Being a brit i hope it he brings it home.

Having said that, he has a 2 year contract (but yet to say where) anyone think he’s staying at ISN because he’s on a factor bike in the wind tunnel.

Surely his new team wouldnt allow a non team bike, because if he beats it, it would be great press

Attempt is in December so he won’t “officially” be on his new team yet, meaning he can use whatever gear he wants.

Which means he’ll have something special, his vlogs (and many other TTers) make the impression that he’s very detail oriented for his kit.

I’m actually rather excited to see the run up and attempt.

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agree’d I mean he even has some sort of algo that predicts his TT finish time within a second.

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Wasn’t he just referring to output from ? I think he’s used that in other videos to pace his TTs.

The difference between him and other riders in his team (that he mentions in the video) is that he has a good handle on his CdA in his TT position - whereas the non-specialists probably don’t know/care about that.

Or if he’ll be making a bike out of a washing machine :wink:


He won’t be using BBS for this, he’ll have people helping him, plus he’s got enough experience. He called BBS “ok” recently, saying he’s using it plus his own experience.

Wouldn’t think he’s staying with ISN, surely he wouldn’t need to keep it secret if he was.

He realises what the task requires of him which he says is about 400w and he believes it’s possible. Going by his Strava, his FTP is 407. So obviously needs to be somehow convert that in a track position.

I wasn’t suggesting that he would, given that it’s a very specific effort on the track- I was replying to the previous poster who pointed out that Alex ‘had an algo’ for his (road) TTs… just highlighting that software like BBS is fairly commonplace for road efforts.

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