24 hours world record

A guy in Luxembourg, Europe just broke the 24 hour world record. 38.1km/h

He rides like 30 hours per week with very low heart rate but pretty fast.
I wonder how he manages nutrition in such an attempt.

Great nickname. Probably appropriate. Unbelievable accomplishment.


The numbers are freakish. Here the strava activity:

279 watts average
122 bpm average
nearly 24000 kcal

Just mind blowing. 280W for 24h…I can’t even imagine.
Diseviscourt is a RAAM finisher and there’s a cool video/doc of his RAAM attempt on Amazon Prime that makes for good trainer entertainment btw.

I think Christoph Strasser was planning to attempt 1000k in 24 hours sometime this year, but I don’t remember if that was indoors or outdoors and he may have been derailed by a crash he had a few months ago.

In belgium, a guy (joris rogiers) rode I believe 960km in 24h on a race circuit (zolder). He won the event of course…

Beast ! :muscle:

@Nate_Pearson could you bring him to the podcast to talk nutrition, equipment, the mental side, preparation involved?


Postponed into 2021 based on Strassers FB Page. He is going to high altitude place for the thin air :wink:

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@Nate_Pearson & @Jonathan - Please do, either on the main podcast or successful athletes podcast


He probably has an FTP north of 370. He was riding at a comfortable zone FOR HIM. his easy zone is more than my FTP!

Any way.
Thats a very nice place for a 24 hr attempt!

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24mph in freedom units.

That’s pretty crazy.

According to Strava, his FTP is set at 357W, which is interesting; 286W is 80% of FTP, which is a very high intensity factor to ride such a long duration.
I guess he is also a big guy, looking at the photos. It must be hard finding an aero position that works for 24h.

I am a bit surprised this achievement did not make it to the main cycling media.

Only because it’s not another pro Everesting record. :roll_eyes:


I thought it would have been higher. I thought I saw most of his riding was on z2… Granted… Even if he spent 14hrs at z2 and the rest on higher zones, it would be more than most of us can hold on the same zone. It is an excellent achievement.

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I read somewhere Coggan mentioning that he established the limit of Z2 at 75% of FTP and not 80% just to account for the variability of power outdoors. But that for very steady rides 80% of FTP is also endurance, therefore we can consider this as a Z2 ride. (what a ride nevertheless :sweat_smile: :rofl:)

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@eduardo23 - I’d be interested if you could find me where Coggan mentioned that 75% and 80% FTP limit/threshold - all my racing is at around this point, and I do find it intriguing that some folks can push a much higher intensity for ultra-distance.
@Joelrivera, In fairness, I did just lift Dizzy’s figures from Strava, and they may not be bang up to date. I don’t bother updating Strava myself - so it is possible his “Strava” FTP isn’t current. Like you, my initial thought was that his FTP must be… well, I guessed 400-410W (because I understood that holding 0.65-0.70 IF was a pretty good estimate for 24h).
Nevertheless, an average of 80% FTP for 24h is outstanding!

Sorry, I tried looking it up on the Slowtwitch forum where I thought I had read about it but could not find it.

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He rode more than 6 hours at 328 watts average would that be Z2 or Z3 :joy: ?

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The records have been homologated by the World Ultracycling Association https://ultracycling.com/ralph-diseviscourt-24-hour-outdoor-track-record-attempt-july-11-12-2020/?fbclid=IwAR29MQMEe9E11gpanjDMn3E_rmmhsPlC6TqQGu1JMtz85iTMiN0BTdTMZnc