Homemade Maurten?

You guys should read this it gives away the recipe

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Hehe, no problem mate. I do believe you might be looking for the marginalst of maginal gains here. And I would definitely not source obscure ingredients from China without testing them. I think all this time and money could be better spend on just training the gut. Just do long rides on 100+ g/h of regular malto/fructo mixes should get you most of the way.

According to your article:

No negative GI symptoms was observed for either of the test drink or the control despite their high content of digestible CHO.

However, I do appreciate your endeavor to unlock the Maurten-formula. And who knows, maybe next year we are all adding sodium algonate and calcium carbonate to our mixes.

I think that study looked at gi distress below 65% of vo2 max. Below 65% of vo2 max GI distress is much more unlikely but above it it’s much much more likely (because of blood leaving the intestine or something idk). The main goal with the hydrogels is to keep the carbs encapsulated and safe from the acids and stop them from sloshing around and causing a disturbance but also they have a a faster gastric emptying time meaning you can use them quicker (I think there is isotope tracer data to back this up)

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