Generic / Fake Maurten?

What is the generic or “fake” maurten that was mentioned in the podcast?



I don’t know their recipe, but I use a 2:1 mixture of maltodextrin:maple syrup. For a standard bottle, I try to get around 800-1000 calories in there. Then I put in some electrolyte mix in that consists of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium citrate. (citrate to avoid all the chlorine). And that is around 15g/L of sodium citrate, and around 1g/L of all the rest combined.

Then if I’m feeling like I want and extra kick, I put in some caffeine, usually around 200mg per bottle.

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For a standard 500ml bottle what is your ingredient/recipe list and measurements?

possibly this: Make SIS BETA fuel your self just a few pence per bottle

For a 500mL bottle and 800 calories my recipe would be the following:

133g Maltodextrin
67g Maple Syrup
7.5g Sodium Citrate
0.2g Magnesium Citrate
0.2g Potassium Citrate
0.2 Calcium Citrate
200mg Caffeine

And I would pre-mix it in a larger pitcher in greater quantities (like 2L at a time) where I boil the water then mix with everything to make it dissolve better. You can do it with cold water, but it seems to take FOREVER for the clumps of maltodextrin to dissolve if you do it that way. With boiling water, it’s a bit quicker to dissolve and easier to mix. Then you stick it in the fridge and a couple hours later you’re good to go.


800cal a bottle seems like waay too much, I would guess that your body needs more water to absorbe all that… unless you are talking about mixing all that in 2L and then pouring some in the bottle.

When I’m making up maltodextrin solution, I use an immersion blender and then transfer to bottles. Gets everything dissolved and ready to go immediately in just a few blitzes without the clumps!

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I typically mix 800-900 calories in a bottle. Two bottles on the bike. That’s enough food for 5 to 6 hours of racing.

How are you not dehydrating yourself?

Well, two things:

#1: I am dehydrating myself.

#2: I carry ~2.2L of water in a bladder on my back.

That, along with some tricks Allen Lim taught me are enough to get me on the podium in races that have temp profiles like this:

and this:

Good, I’m glad you added that bit of info. Some may read your initial statement and believe that is the proper way to fuel and hydrate.

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I’m glad I could clarify, Chief! :wink:

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7.5g of sodium per bottle? I hope thats a typo.

I wondered the same but after trying Maurten it taste like Maltodextrin and salt to me. Not crazy about the taste but it does seem to do the job.

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I’ve been using Tailwind on longer rides and it’s been :+1:.

That’s a 2 hour food bottle. I’ll be taking in additional water from another bottle and on-course support (if it’s a race).

Nope. I have 15g per Liter, but it’s not Sodium Chloride which would destroy me and probably be less drinkable than sea water. It’s Sodium Citrate. And in concentrations around 15g per Liter you’re looking at a pretty close to isotonic solution which is what I’m going for. I’ve taken in up to 60g of Sodium (and the other trace electrolytes) on a 4 hour ride before with no problems.


Maybe @Jonathan can help us elaborate. :grinning::grinning:

That makes a lot more sense…so looking at your total water consumption…you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of 375 calories per half liter of water consumed. Makes a LOT more sense haha.

Where do you buy these ingredients / brands?

Also, do you add any flavoring? Or does the maple syrup add a little bit of taste?

I tried Maurten for the first time this past weekend, and to me it tasted like slightly “stale” water.

@brux Is it the un-labeled version of the Maurten gel? Link here