Video of Jonathan making sports drink?

I thought i saw a video of Jonathan describing how to make your own sports drink. Now of course I can’t find it. Can someone share the link for me?

Thank you! :blush:

I found his mix to be very sweet


Trying that! Is it the recipe that was here on the other forum thread? Thanks @Jonathan

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Yes. Another user posted a mix that used maltrodextrin powder instead of glucose. It was maltrodextrin (60g), 2.5 tablespoons of fructose, and a nuun tablet for electrolytes.

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Ah good to know! If you already go through the trouble of mixing yourself from powders, why put in a (relatively) expensive tablet with the Nuun? :stuck_out_tongue:

The nuun tablets are for the electrolytes and a bit of flavor. Normally I use Maurten powder mix which is around $3.40 per bottle. So my goal is not necessarily to make the ABSOLUTE cheapest mix but make it much cheaper than Maurten while being simple to mix and something I will drink. I think even with the nuun tablets I’m around maybe just a bit above $1. But I just got 160 sis electrolyte tablets for $32 which reduces my cost by $.40/bottle. This is my first week trying this out so just experimenting.

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1/2 cup maltodextrin
1/4 cup fructose
1 Nuun tab (or any other brand)

About $1USD per mix, with theNuun about half the cost. There are less expensive options.

• 2:1 Ratio of Maltodextrin (or Glucose) to Fructose
• 52.3g of Maltodextrin
• 26.7g of Fructose
• 1g Sodium Alginate
• 1g of Salt

  • 500ml of water
    = 80g carbs per hour and all the watts

Where ar ya’ll getting your ingredients from? I went to Walmart website and its about 1.50 per bottle which isn’t far from Hammer Heed prices.
Unless my math is fuzzy and it might be since imma mountain biker and suffered a few concussions.

2 kilograms Maltodextrin $36
1 kilogram Fructose $19


NOW Sports Nutrition, Carbo Gain Powder (Maltodextrin), Rapid Absorption, Energy Production, 8-Pound $24

So that’s like 42 cents
I just ordered 160 SIS electrolyte tablets on sale for $32 so that’s 20 cents. Fructose Powder - Digestion Supplement - Keto Sugar Substitute - Sugar Substitutes - Granular Sugar Alternative (1 Kilogram - 2.2 lbs) $19

For me, I might go just with maltrodextrin and very little fructose as the fructose made it very sweet.

I was using Maurten powder mix which I like but is expensive