HIM plan & race scheduling

I’m currently on a HIM MV plan, and I’m sticking with it till the end of the speciality phase, which will be my A race.
I’ve seen that on week 4 of the speciality block there is an opportunity to race a Half, this is great, but there’s nothing I’ll be able to compete in at this time of the year.
There is a Half IM the following week, which is week 5 of the spe phase.
Is it suitable to race there? what kind of adjustment do I need to do on the plan?
or will it be to late to race?

How experienced are you? Week 6 of specialty is supposed to be the peak of your improvement (in terms of fitness). A tough week, then the taper. If this week follows a 70.3, you could struggle to complete the week (also it might be stupid to even try). I don’t even think it’s smart for TR to suggest a half distance race 4 weeks before the A race of the same distance.

If you can’t race an Olympic at the end of week 6, have you looked for a duathlon? I know they sound like a lot of pain, but I’ve tried and it’s not that bad, at least under non-drafting rules, if you pace the first run correctly (i.e. let everybody run away from you so you can catch them later).

To be fair, i was also doubting of such an idea… but Chad is clever than I am, so…
Maybe I would consider wiser running an Olympic as there is one not far from home.

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