Specialty Phase change up

So I just am starting the specialty phase mid volume for a half distance triathlon in September. Its questionable that the race is going to happen. But there is a sprint race in 4 weeks that is a definite go as of now. If I wanted to focus my training on the sprint race does it make sense to do the last 4 weeks of the sprint specialty phase to better prepare for that distance race?

Any Trainerroad coaches out there have an opinion on this?

I’m not a TrainerRoad coach, but it just depends on priorities. If you continue to prep for the half distance, you’d be in fine shape with a day or two easy prior to the sprint. Four weeks of sprint training isn’t going to markedly impact your performance relative to what you’re doing. Even at an hour, it’s still an aerobic event. If you’ve been doing enough tempo and threshold work in prep for the half, you’ll be fine for the sprint in terms of pacing. That’s the route I would go under the circumstances.

Conversely, if you change to focus and taper for a sprint, and then the half happens, you’ve impacted your prep for the half considerably. But you said you wanted to focus on the sprint. If that’s true, then yes, do Sprint specialty and be willing to live with the impact on your half of it happens.

Great info, Thanks Kurt. I think I will just stick to my plan. In the past I have had sprint races in the middle of my half distance plans but used them more as training days. In this case I was thinking I would like to get an extra edge. But if its most likely minimal at best ,I will stick to the plan and hope the half doesn’t get canceled. Maybe sharpen up my transitions.
Thanks again

Yeah, a session of T1/T2 practice would definitely gain you more time than shifting training focus this late in the game, IME. Good idea!