High volume week in the middle of a block

I am in week 2 of SSB HV II and have the week off from work. I decided to increase volume as high as possible in hopes of building a deeper base. I have been doing 10ish hours with 600-650tss and this week I should get 16 hours and nearly 1000tss. So the question…
Should I keep going with the perscribed workouts in the remaining 3 weeks (until the rest week)? Or, should I take a rest week next week then continue the plan? Or maybe you have another option.
I believe I will be able to do the work in the coming weeks, but this is uncharted territory.
To put it abother way… Would I benefit more from resting after overreaching, or heaping on additional stress?

Take a rest week after that increase

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I would only add additional aerobic work, no extra intensity. Back off if you feel the need to.

I’ve had to use extra vacation days the last couple of years around Xmas (can’t carry them over) and did something similar, around 2-300 more tss than usual for the week I think.

Both times I ended up sick the following week or two after.

Granted I was doing random Zwift rides and probably hitting it too hard. This year I’m in the same boat again. Going to try to tame it down and only do low Z2 for any extra I do outside of the plan.

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