Free week to ride as much as I want, what and how much to train?

So, I started SSBLV-I and weekend Z2 rides in January, and this week is the 6th and last (recovery) week. Acumulating about 500TSS and 5-9h per week. Next week I’m free to ride as many hours as I want, so what to do?

Option 1) Start SSBLV-II doing workouts outside and adding extra Z2 time. It may lead to sacrifice the quality of the workouts due stress at the end of the week or the next week.

Option 2) Do as many Z2 hours as I can with very puntual and short efforts.

Option 3) Your recomendation.

Spot for +15 to 20 hours and more than 1000 TSS in each case. Has sense? Not worth if I’ll come back to the 6-9h the following weeks?

After this week, should I rest again 1 week more before Ramp test and come back to SSB? Remember this week I was resting too.


Start sweet spot base and then add as much zone 2 or 1 as possible

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If you are off and can train outside, then I’d skip TR for a week and do a big block of outdoor endurance riding. Make it your own training camp. It’s a good time of year to do that.


that’s aggressive f you’ve only been doing 5-9h previously.

stick to your plan and add endurance rides (50-75% FTP) for extra time, hitting 12h. You should be plenty tired!



No matter what you do you should include a rest day in the middle.