Help! Power going down

I need some help to understand why my power is going down. Ftp moved from 231 to 216 in a few months

It appears your account is set to Private. You need to set it to Public for others to see it.

Wierd, i have it on public

If you don’t mind, here’s the link - TrainerRoad


Yup, was a formatting error.

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I’m no coach but I see you’ve been ill a few times and lacked volume lately which will take your FTP down.

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Are you following a plan? Other than the first week of January, every week after that just seems like a random mish mash of outdoor and TR rides.

Yes im following a plan, and im getting weaker, between january and february there were a couple of weeks where i couldnt afford TR but had to wait for money, i did some zwift races for intensity i think

But not much, other then that i have followed the plan.

Yes there is that, ive either had the flu or covid, never checked, but i was reallly sick, right after when im starting to get well i get stomach flu, with small kids you never know What comes back from daycare :sweat_smile:

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Recover, get your self consistent and perhaps up the volume with Z2 and you should see your FTP go up again. Good luck!


Thanks, more sleep and more low intensity for volume :+1: