Issues with Minimizing

I’ve been using the Trainerroad desktop app on Windows for a year now. I’ve had one irritant more or less since I started and I think a new one after the latest update.

The first issue is the app unminimizing itself after I start pedaling. I typically minimize the app and then drag it slightly lower on the screen as there’s some extra space I don’t need at the bottom. I don’t know if this is part of the issue, but it is super frustrating to get everything setup, start a show, hop on the bike and have the app unminimize back to full size.

The second issue now is that during a ramp FTP test when you click “open” on the ramp test workout it automatically opens a pop-up that stops you from clicking on anything and the only options are either “Cancel” or “Begin Test” and you can’t click minimize while the popup is on screen. So “Cancel” closes the workout and “Begin Test” starts the test automatically and you have to click one or the other before you can minimize the workout but I can’t do this from my bike. This means I have to click “Begin Test” then pause the workout within 5 seconds, then minimize the app and move it, and then get on the bike. This is roughly my 20th ramp test, so I don’t need a blurb about what I’m supposed to do. Maybe there’s could be a “don’t show again” check box?

Hey! Sorry for the trouble, at a quick glance at our known bugs we’re working on, I don’t see anything right away about minimizing issues, so best protocol for stuff like this is to check in with the team at so they can take a look at your device/settings/version and try to help mitigate that. Your windows device may need an update, or your TR version may as well, but this definitely isn’t the normal experience. Thanks in advance for reaching out to the team!

It sounds like this isn’t how you want to do things long term, but until TR can address, wouldn’t a simple solution be to use the mobile app while you’re already on the bike?

No because while my power meter has both bluetooth (phone/computer) connectivity and ANT+ (computer only), I have an ANT+ only heart rate monitor. So if I want to track heart rate on the trainer I need to use my computer, or my Garmin, I guess, but I really don’t want to start doing ramp tests on my head unit.

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