Anyone use a laptop with TR? Refreshed the software but can’t find the ramp test

Back to using TR on my laptop with an ANT stick fo wringer training this year. However, I can’t find the ramp test in the software, even when I refresh everything. It shows up in the iPad app (which isn’t appealing to use as it can’t find my HRM or speed sensor as it doesn’t recognize 4iiii bridging) and is added to my training calendar. Any idea what I can do.
Nox VidMate

I’m on Win10 laptop and all is good. Is it not showing up in the workouts at all? Tried just selecting ‘Tests’ from the filter boxes Should show 20 Min, 8 min & Ramp.


Find a previous ridden test then scroll down; ‘Source Workout’ should give you a link to it

On my WIndows 10 laptop the Ramp Test is the first workout in the list of workouts. Go to “Workouts” and make sure that the filters are set to “All” and the Ramp Test should be at the top of the list

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@HenryBraxton I use a Windows 10 Toshiba and have no issues. Double check to make sure you have no filters applied to the list of Workouts.

If you haven’t used the PC app for awhile, it is possible that you have a version that was released before the Ramp Test was added into production. It should be as simple as updating to the latest verison of the software found here: :slight_smile:

If you are on the latest version of the software, then as djwalker mentioned, try removing all the workout filters and you should see it as the first workout on the list :+1:.