Setting up a plan taking into account weekend club rides

Hi, long time TR user, but now taking it more seriously. While I want to follow your plan to the letter, I also want to join club rides on weekends. I’m sure many others are trying to do that too, so I wonder what’s recommended.

I figured I should go with a medium plan. By default it leaves Mondays and Fridays off, but adds rides for both Sat and Sun. Should I move the weekend rides into Mon and Fri? Then ride with the club only on one day (Sat or Sun) and leave the other as a resting day?
For this to work, I’ll need to make sure that the club ride is easy enough to not interfere with the TR rides… well, good luck to me.

Any thoughts, or recommendations on this subject are greatly appreciated!

Start with LV and add your club rides rather than substituting MV workouts


If you want to hit every workout I would not do mid volume - unless you swap out one of the workouts for it. The advice given by TR almost always is to start with low volume and add rides to it.

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If you end up with three hard workouts plus your club ride, it’s probably going to be too much. IME, club rides are often a quasi-race. Even on LV, you’ll probably need to swap the club ride for a workout if you want your plan to be sustainable.


My experience was the same. I do a quasi plan which seems to be working. I’m on a LV plan (Tu,We,Th) but annotate the calendar as 'time of for Wednesdays HIIT workout and do a TN Endurance workout instead. That seems to be leaving me fresher for the weekend, I usually ride both Saturday (Road) and Sunday (Gravel).

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Thanks @Buckethead, @ArHu74 and @AJS914! I am already doing 10-12 hrs a week, so I’m afraid that moving to LV, even with group rides, will put me in undertraining…

I like the idea of substituting one of TR rides, but is there a way to load an outside ride AS IF it is a workout, and then claim you did it? I hope that this way, TR will adjust the upcoming trainings taking into account these workouts, which are actual outdoors rides… can you do this?

Thanks again!!!

Not properly at the moment. At the moment you can associate an out door ride with a workout but its only marked as a pass or fail and there’s no detailed analysis. Its also unlikely that a outdoor group ride will exactly match a workout in the first place. WL2 (in development) is supposed to analyse out door rides properly.

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So if I understand you right… you follow the recommended workouts on Tuesdays and Thursday’s, and replace the Wednesdays ones to Endurance ride. Which plan are you following? (SS, Polarized, another?)

I think I like this idea, I’ll take a closer look at the different plans see if this could work… Thanks!

Im on a 40k TT plan; before I modified it, it would have 3 HIIT workouts (like 3 threshold ones :fearful:) and with riding both days at the weekend it seemed to be too much going on my TT results. The TT season is over though so its just group rides now but it seems to be working.

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I was using LV as part of 13-14hr weeks. Mon - recovery, Tues/Wed/Thurs - SSB LV, Fri - recovery, Sat - 3-5hr z2, Sun 3hrs z2. That schedule melted me down during SusPB LV and I would now drop the ‘Thursday’ workout and do the Tues/Sat workouts during the week + 2-3 x z2 + 2 x recovery rides.

Personally, I think that is a better way to build up medium / high / high+ volume without getting crushed by all the sweetspot and higher intensity (above lt1) work of a typical SSB MV/HV plan.

I had a good covid/ wfh period doing mid-volume on a Monday to Saturday schedule (with Sunday my off day), and substituting the “Saturday” moderate workout for the club spin. I didn’t try and match it, once I knew you shouldn’t, so AT treated it as a missed workout and adapted.

Back in the office now 2 days a week (bike commuting 1 of those), I’m doing LV, with the three key workouts during the week. I don’t go with the “race” group, so my club spin normally isn’t like a race (as hard as you want on some of the hills, and maybe a sprint if the club sprint is on the route). N=1 I didn’t feel burnt out the last two years anyway!

Interesting! I’m on MV SS Base right now, and with just one day of a Weekend club ride is becoming too much. So what you did with removing the Thu session, which is often SS, and doing 2xz2 and 2xRecovery is in effect making your training closer to Polarized… Do I understand you correctly?

Several folks here are suggesting to move to Low Volume and then add weekend rides, this is also what you are doing… I am going to try it out, see what TR recommends for LV. thanks!

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