Help me get to a 300w FTP before the year ends

Happy to check in on a weekly basis…will help keep me accountable…

I started my new block on the 14th I have my days set for MWF and then squeezing in an endurance ride depending on how I feel.

I do have 2 - 20k trail races in January and February, respectively, so I am starting to ramp up my running just a little. I’m also a Dialed Health customer, so I’m doing strength training about once every 4 days when I can.

So, this past week was:

Monday (14th) - Pope - felt good, finished as prescribed
Tuesday - 4 mile endurance road run (my first run in over a month)
Wednesday - Avalanche Spire -3 (I did have to drop 10% on the last over/under - I think that first run in a month carried some fatigue to the next day)
Thursday - Off - Mobility/Stretching session
Friday- Glassy -3 this workout felt GREAT, and I extended the warm up by 5 mins and turned up the cooldown by 15% for just a tad more on the back end
Saturday - 10k trail run on uneven single track - that run felt great
Monday (21st) - Goat Citadel - this one challenged me slightly, but felt good otherwise
Today - my daughter stayed home sick, so I had that to deal with and was debating a run, but took the day off

Nov 14-20 = 719 TSS & 4541kj (for all activities)

Tomorrow is Starr -1 for some lovely Over/unders…

This week will be tough with the Holiday, but I have a plan in place to hit my workouts. My Friday workout will get pushed to Saturday, and I should be able to get in a run and maybe a strength session in between.

Sleep is doing ok, I’m 7-9 hours (more 7 than 9) and trying to eat lots of whole foods. I know I’ll be having a few bourbons with my brother this week when I see him, so that will be there, but other than that, I’m feeling progress.

Look for another check in next week.


Are you training to race? If so, when does your race season start? When did you finish your race season this year? Reason I ask, is because if you don’t have races until the spring for example, I’d focus on doing what I need to do to prepare for then, not at year end, in the middle of off-season, if it in fact is.

I’m too curious at this point. Please don’t ruin this forum experiment with talk of actual goals.


Have you read the entire thread? Or even my original post? That would answer most of your questions there.

This is, pretty much, your answer. Yes, I’m aware of the repercussions of trying to peak too early. I have trained for races for many years, and will go back to maintenance in cycling as I start to ramp up for trail races and a half-marathon by spring.

Update for week 2 of plan:

Tough to manuveur training while traveling to see family this week for the holiday, but I made some changes and still got my workouts in.

Mon: Goat Citadel - workout felt good
Tues: Daughter was still sick (wanted to get in a strength session, but did not)
Wed: Starr -1 - over unders…ugh, everyone knows how these feel (did this workout right before leaving town - wasn’t back in town until Saturday
Thurs: Brought Kettlebells with me and did a full-body 40 min workout
Friday: 10k road run
Satruday: Was traveling this day and got home just in time for the OSU/Michigan game - I live in Columbus - had a few drinks for the game and that pretty much shot the day
Sunday: McGreggor -6 - This workout was an interesting one, definitely challenged me.

Due to the shift in schedule, I pushed all my workouts back by one day, so it will be Tu, Th, Sat for cycling workouts this week.

Thinking about what to do for next week, as it’s supposed to be a recovery week (Petit, Whorl, Townsend) I will still do the endurance workouts, but may make them just a tad more challenging and may mix in an Abney, Granite, Black Giant…I know that I need to do the recovery for adaptation, so don’t come at me in the comments…I’m used to 13-19 hour training weeks with Ironman training, so this is ‘lighter’ training for me.

We will see how this all goes…

EDIT: Forgot numbers

5h 12min of training for 432 TSS 3646 kj


Although you are historically used to high training loads, I think I’m right in saying this is new territory.

That rest week might be critical. I can only imagine that this coming month, your final weeks, are going to be pivotal.

Personally, I’d be taking it. You do know you though. If you’re feeling energised… :+1:

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How can you get 608 TSS into 5h12m???
That means a NP of 108% FTP for 5 hours. Surely your FTP is set too low.

Honestly, much of the discussions here seem rather painful, physically.

Would be a heck of a lot easier to just install a Shimano power meter, and then boom, problem solved.


Weekly TSS is based on ALL of my training, not just cycling. I find that only fair for the bigger picture of what I’m putting my body through each week. My 10k run alone this week was 263 TSS, for example.

Here’s come Ray, with some high-level sarcasm, that I’m not versed enough to understand :face_with_peeking_eye::grimacing: Hi Ray, love your work :ok_hand:t2::pray:t2:

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Is that a typo?

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Ah, it looks like your zones are set wrong. This would be running well above VO2 for over an hour (not physiologically possible). If you went all out for this run, it would probably be right around 100TSS, and the pace you ran it at would be ~threshold pace (its possible thats not what you did because of weather/motivation/race goals etc.)

I would double check what you have your paces set at in Training Peaks.

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Hmmm, ok. I though they were set right. Top of my Z2 HR for running is 152. So, this kind of lines up. Wonder what I’m doing wrong here?

That is very weird. I haven’t used training peaks for a while, but with a threshold of ~8min/mile, and a run of ~10min/mile, you shouldn’t have a TSS of over 100 for an hour effort (probably closer to ~50). Is it pulling your pace from somewhere else? Do you have run power zones?

PS I’m guessing by your name you’re in the greater Columbus area, I lived out that way for a few years and have some fond memories of group rides leaving from Dublin.

Are you running with power? Is assume that is the issue.

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It sees your intensity factor as 1.57
So FTP is set to 230 and it thinks your NP was 362 W for that ride.
That is not adding up.

TSS adds up as 100 x IF^2 per hour.

so 100 x 1.57^2 = 248, which is the TSS per hour you would be accumulating with these settings.

Id suggest setting the threshold pace at that which you can hold for a TT of 12 - 15km (assuming that takes you an hour plus or minus 10 minutes) It will use this when no Power is available.

And try setting the default threshold power (if running with power) to your NP watts for the same TT as you do for the threshold pace.

As long as you have your bike FTP set up it will us the bike settings for the bike and the default power settings for the run… I think but I dont run with power so cant test it.

It is a 10km run, not a ride, run power is much higher the bike power hence the larger number, the default power needs to be increased and set correctly.

On the plus side the OPs run power is likely to be over 320 watts already :wink: :grinning:

Thanks, all. I definitely want the numbers to be correct so I will look into this. I recently got a new Garmin HRM Pro and I think it uses run power through that. I will look into those settings and see what I can fix. Thanks for the heads up and all the supporting info :v:t2:

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