Help! How to get going after 9 day break

Hello forum! On Jan. 31st I did my prescribed week 5 ride for SSBMV1. It was easy, really easy. Felt great. Later that day my daughter went to the hospital with a ruptured appendix. I got a lovely 10 day, 9 night stay in pediatrics with very minimal activity. Eating hospital food (actually good tasting, small portions) I actually lost a pound.

This morning I tried Galena, the over-under I missed looked much too scary, and I hate sittting at one power level for 20 minutes (and seeing that countdown from 20 is psychologically awful). First interval was okay, heart rate was higher than normal. After the 2nd interval my HR was 190, which is 7 higher than I’ve seen after VO2Max. Took extra time to recover, dropped intensity 5%, and made it 2 minutes into the 3rd interval.

Ideas on what to do? Repeat week 5, then recovery week next week? Carson on Tuesday, am eady Wednesday ride… Help!


Pick an easy ride, get back on the horse. Don’t worry about the details. 9 days off isn’t massive. I’d ensure you’re all spundown/calibrated, well rested, fueled, and just ease back in.

I’m a HUGE fan of Carson and it’s variations (+1/-1) as alternative Sweet Spot workouts when you are either feeling fatigued, stacking workouts and can’t pull the full SS load through after a Vo2/Threshold day (as I often do), or are coming back from a larger than normal layoff.

You get a lot of psychological variety, as the interval are short for SS work – and it’s good way to re-acclimate your system.

If it were me, I would do Baxter -1 on the first day back, and then I would do Carson on day 2 and assess from there where I was at.

My 2c. Hope your daughter is ok.

Thanks to both of you! I picked and chose from weeks 4 and 5. Carson, Carter, Geiger +1, then Palisade and Eclipse on the weekend. Extended the cooldowns on the weekend rides and added a couple sprints. Each of those rides set 25 power PRs (for every increment over 90 minutes).

And note, Eclipse was the ride that broke me last week. Was tough, but totally manageable (particularly considering I had 25 seconds of anaerobic/sprinting at the end). Clearly this was an edfective week, feeling like I’m back on track!

Daughter is doing well, was very excited to be back in school last week!


It looks like you were able to get things sorted out, but if you’re ever in a similar predicament in the future, this article can be a great resource:

Happy training!

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