Good workout for first ride after 2-week vacation/break

Came back from two weeks away from the trainer. Wanted a good workout but didn’t want to dive right into the tough stuff knowing I was still a bit stiff from travel; I also didn’t want just an easy spin, though. Something like hard-start sweet spot or shorter VO2 max efforts – mix of hard work but without requiring tons of focus.

I went for Sleeping Beauty (5 sets of 5x30s at 115% with 30s recovery at 60%). It was just the ticket.

Any other suggestions for workouts to get the lead out?

Mount Field or Monitor is great

I can’t remember a specific name, but I thought I’d mention something. I actually find after rest I’m better at short intervals than when trained/tired. I’m talking about intervals of less than a minute.

So, I’d avoid VO2 Max efforts & go for sprints/anaerobic. You could reduce the breaks between intervals & add some VO2 later. I’ve tried the sweet spot thing. Unless you’re going to retest your FTP first it hurts too much after about 9 minutes. Maybe some longer tempo intervals instead.