Carson too easy?

I did Carson yesterday and it seemed too easy. I had no leg burn or heavy breathing. I am not sure what I was meant to feel. The ramp test was only last week so I assume my FTP is correct.

Should I just add a few % next time? I assume with the low cadence you should feel this more in your legs.

what it yours next workout structure ? Also what sort training plans you on so far ?

This is an easy sweet spot workout. You should not feel any burn in legs or experience heavy breathing. It should be a little bit uncomfortable but nothing more.


@bazcurtis go ahead and do Eclipse+3 at your current FTP. If you still have ‘magic legs’ during that workout bump up tunnabora by a couple percent and go from there.


That is really spooky, I have just finished Eclipse+3 and now read your reply. I normally ride 2 hours outside on a Saturday so I am going to set the Saturday workout to the two hour version. I made it through on target, but it was mind over legs :slight_smile:

@max_chan This is week 2 of SSB Low Volume. Next week is Tunnabora, Geiger, Warlow. Warlow has no two hour version, I assume for a good reason :slight_smile:


If you’re doing sweet spot work and feel like the intervals are too easy, you can always swap the workout for one with longer intervals (instead of X x 10’ like antelope go for a 3 x 20’ like galena or the 30’ variants of Wright peak). There’s also a bunch of custom workouts in TR with various lengths all the way up to 1 x 120’.

It’s important to remember that the plans are guides geared towards as wide a group as possible. So it’s ok to tweak them in order to get the stimulus you need. Also smashing Wright peak/etc. is a good sign you may be due for an FTP bump.

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Remember the plans build TSS every week and you’re not just doing harder workouts but also carrying fatigue from prior days/weeks. Don’t rush the process, there will be plenty of pain to come :smiling_imp:



Can be hard to remember but is important because it’s a progression.

Carson is a fairly easy one- short intervals and only an hour. Your RPE sounds about right, perhaps a little low.

How did it relate to HR?

My HR was 8-10 beats higher than what it was for sweetspot. I tested my FTP correctly (ramp test). This could be because I neglected structure for 4 weeks.

@bazcurtiz GOOD JOB!! You are on plan. Keep up the momentum!!

I have a leaky heart valve so it tends go high at the best of times, but it did not go high in this case. From the answers on this threat, I think all was good.

Thanks everyone.

Remember that some of these workouts during base are about building a better pedaling technique, not just smashing you into the ground. For workouts where I feel they are a bit too easy, I really focus on my “pull” motion…that usually starts to cook me and FAST!

I just did Baxter Friday…should have been super easy…wasn’t. :slight_smile:

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