Outside Ride question

Just did an outside group ride 2 hours …some easy some harder efforts. Should I try to match it to a TR workout or just leave it as outside ride. Really couldn’t find anything that was accurate for the whole ride. Will TR be able to evaluate effort and make adaptations? Rated it as moderate but there were some sprints and hard climb efforts…etc. Thanks

  • No, the current system is more of a “checked and done” without any actual analysis.
  • Then it’s not a good idea to match.

It’s only recommended to do actual “Outside Workouts” when performed to the planned efforts and durations. Backwards matching like this can lead to issues as we’ve seen reported many times.


I tried to convert a race I did 5 years ago into a Zwift workout, and it was useless. Every little thing was converted into a data block, and the ride was filled with small spikes and sags, and every acceleration, every drop for traffic, all of it was there. It was useless, a waste of time.

It’s a different app and attempt, but not worth it anyway. Looking at what you ‘meant’ to do, and try to find something with that amount of intervals in the numerous workouts available will take a lot of time. I consider outdoor rides as fun mental recovery rides, being ‘out there’, and an addition to the training I do on TR and Zwift, not a replacement for that training. Outdoors is just too different to easily translate into a canned indoor trainer experience.

Riding outdoors is just too unpredictable, where riding indoors is something that can be planned and adjusted. Not saying riding outdoors is a waste of time by any means, but it’s just ‘different’, and that difference is what makes training indoors so much better IMO.