Help - Best plan to use for 10 Day endurance event

Hi All,

So August 2020 I head to France to ride my second Cent Cols (1,600km 36,000 meters of climbing) The first time I did this event I didn’t have a training plan and I’m going to make that same mistake twice. So my question/s are… What plan do you suggest and when do I start on this plan? Background on me … FTP 285, 78kg, Currently using the SPB Mid Vol plan, prefer to use the Outside workout program as the weather in Brisbane (Australia) is too good to waste riding indoors.

I appreciate your advise in advance


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You have a long while, enough to cycle through plans.

I’d avoid the a “specificity” plan in favor of gaining as much fitness as possible. The obvious choice seems like SSB 1, SSB 2, Sustained Power then maybe SSB2 again and Sustained Power again.

If those are repeated long days in the saddle, I’d really look at adding long rides (4+ hours, even 6+ hours) on the weekend at least every couple weeks. Little things like back issues, saddle issues, foot issues, hand issues, etc, tend to creep up on long rides that I don’t notice in 3-ish hour rides.


Thanks for the advise! My plan will be to do as many long weekend rides as possible. It’s a brutal 10 days with many days over 9hrs in the saddle… so all connecting points to the bike need to be comfortable!

Hi Cam,
I don’t know if you’ve deferred your CCC to 2021, but I’m doing the Rhone event. I’m doing SSB1 & 2 + some SPB pre-Xmas, then off for some real world riding in Lanzarote for Xmas/New Year (:crossed_fingers:t2:), then back for SSB2, SPB and Century before the event. I’ll convert Sunday ride to a long/slow outside endurance ride once the weather improves after winter.
Im 53 and this type of training has gotten me to ~300W/74Kg for the last three years. Trying to get slightly lighter for CCC 2021!

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