Event Training Plans

Bit of extension of a theme from this week’s podcast I thought it would be good to get others views on training plans for some events (particularly ones that are not in the US) maybe could become a reference list if we can agree!

The guys mentioned Fred Whitton which is (subject to getting a place in the draw) is my probable A this year. Based on their discussion the 112 mile duration would suggest SSB → SPB → Century but the difficult bit of the ride is more than the short 30% ramps that need maximum watts at low cadences before dragging up the rest of 10-20% gradients for 10-15 minutes 4 times and 3 climbs with slightly lower maximum gradients. I wonder if a XC plan might be better or CRR or RRR.

Other possible A’s for me would be peaking for a 8 week series of 10m TTs does the 40k TT plan still work

Third option for this year is the Tour of the Highlands 3 day event SSB → SPB → Century would probably be best but I worry about not having top end on the climbs.