Some advice on training for multi day trip

Hi all,

I am off to the dolomites in July 2024 for 6 days of riding. I anticipate that on average each day will be c.5-6 hours with multiple long climbs (each > 1 hour in duration). I plan to start a structured plan in Dec/Jan and am looking for advice on how I can tailor the plan for this trip (its essentially my ‘A’ event).

My early thoughts are to undertake SST base 1 & 2 (HV), which I have done for the past few years. However I wonder whether I should then be looking to introduce c.5 hour endurance ride each week into a sustained Power Build (replacing a weekend workout).

Should I try and mimic the long climbs by riding 1 hour + at tempo (unlilley to be able to ride them at Z2)?

People talk about specialty mirroring your main event, so should I look get towards maybe 4 rides a week at 5 hours in duration?

All thoughts welcome!


Is this a competition? Will you be riding as fast as possible? Or will it be more of an endurance pace?

Endurance pace

Please note i’m no coach. I wouldn’t do SST plan for a multi day endurance trip. SS focuses on very high intensity with short intervals. I think either Traditional or Polarized would make more sense (if you want an actual plan)

I’d focus on longer rides that where most of the focus is endurance pace and then some longer intervals with intensity (not sweet spot) to mimic riding up mountains for long periods. Definitely prioritize biking outside when you can to get used to the bike set up (could be different inside) and being in the saddle for long periods of time. If you’ve already done SS HV then you’re clearly already fit but more time in the saddle would help, especially finding long mountain climbs as they will be the biggest challenge.

4 rides a week at 5 hours duration sounds like a whole lot of work and maybe unnecessary and could cause burn out.

Sounds like a sweet trip that you’re heading on.

Interested to hear what others have to say, i’m trending towards more multi-day bikes trips vs intense shorter rides.