Help: Best Plan Combo?

Yup, here we go again! Cuz I’m new to TR need the help of the experienced collective…

A Event/1st Peak is a TT. I want to totally dominate it. There, said it.

I’m almost done the SSB2 Low, TSS in the last week will be ~450.
I believe muscular endurance to be my top weakness.

I’m considering the following plan:
SSBase Low 1+2
Sustained Power Build Mid
SSBase High 1 or 2
SP Build High
TT Specialty

But…tinkering around today I came up with this idea:
SSBase Low 1+2
SSBase High 1+2
SP Build High
VO2max Block (2 weeks)
TT Specialty

Too Base heavy? Not enough Build? Too much too soon?
Ideas? Suggestions? Funny memes?

Thanks. :doughnut:

Why not SSB medium? It has enough VO2.

I would advise against SSB High unless you know you can handle that amount of workload.

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True. And as with the SS Low plan, I just added supplementary workouts.

Would it be worth doing that much Base all at once (Option 2) or would I get more muscular endurance bang for my buck doing 2x Base+Build (Option 1)?

If you have time for 5 blocks I would do

SSB MV 1-2
General Build MV
SSB MV 1-2
Sustained Power Build
TT Speciality


I’ll also add that if you have time for Traditional Base Mid for your first block, you can get a lot of productive work done with that as well

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I’m almost done SSB1+2 so no chance of doing Trad Base. Maybe next year I’ll do TB + strength training, hopefully it will wreck me less.

Due to extra workouts I put in, my SSB Low TSS (450) is currently between SSB MV 1-2 (427) and Gen Build MV (490)…I might require more stimulus in order to progress.

If your FTP is increasing, you’ll be putting in more absolute load, so I wouldn’t be overly concerned with upping hours. Consistency is more important for getting through the Sustained and Speciality.

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Most people try to ramp annual hours too fast. A good target is around 50 extra annual hours per year.